Bigger, Faster,

The only nutrients specifically designed to eliminate Nutrient Friction
and optimize terpene production in specialist, high-value crops.

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Grow Beyond
Good Enough.

Strive for bigger yields, better tastes, and bolder aromas
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Strive Veg +

Premium 2-Part Plant Nutrient System Designed To Push High-Value Specialist Crops To Their Maximum Potential

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Made in
North America

Formulated with care and precision on the West Coast of
North America, using only 100% natural ingredients.
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You AND Your Plants Deserve Better

There are also some specific ways that we’re completely different to other big chemical fertilizer companies out there.
Big Chemical Fertilizers STRIVE
Sell you products that are 99+% water We only offer high-concentration nutrients you can mix yourself
Sell you plastic bottles that are bad for the environment Minimize packaging and plastic usage
Sell you incomplete base nutrients Deliver a complete nutrient system for optimal plant growth
Require different products for veg and bloom Simplify the nutrient mixing process

Life can be better.
Strive for the best.

Simple to mix, stays clean and clear

A simple 2:1 mixing ratio means your nutrients Start Balanced and Stay Balanced.

Plastic Bottle Free

We’ve minimized our plastic packaging to eliminate plastic waste.

Lower Carbon Footprint: We don’t ship water

Shipping is expensive and bad for the planet. That’s why we don’t ship products containing water.


Our condensed packages take up less space than bulky plastic containers.

Lowest Cost per Grow on the market

Our innovations save money, so you can grow superior crops with the lowest Cost per Grow of any major nutrient brand.

Join a community of master growers

Join the master growers who use Strive nutrients to reach their full growing potential.

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Thriving Growth Guarantee

Try our nutrients for 180 days, and if you don’t notice the
difference, we’ll give you your money back — plus we’ll buy
our competitions nutrients for you.

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Push your plants
to their maximum potential

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