How to achieve breakthrough
— with your
most bountiful &
potent harvest ever

Increase the size, potency, and terpene production of your crop by as much
as 20-40% without any changes to your grow room set-up — or you don’t pay.
The Silent Growth

When growers do a decent job, they grow healthy looking plants that don’t show any obvious signs of excessive Nutrient Friction.

The “hidden” Nutrient Friction is only visible when you compare a standard, healthy looking plant to a thriving plant achieving optimal growth.

Notice the difference in plant size and health, along with the crop quality.

The problem?

It’s a complex process, using multiple products at sensitive concentration levels, requiring monitoring and management over time.

No matter how good a job the grower does, with so much complexity, plants using these nutrients nearly always experience some low-level of Nutrient Friction, leading to suboptimal growth.

The good news?

If you’ve mastered the art of growing with general-use hydroponic nutrients, you can see a 20-40% improvement in the size, quantity and quality of your grows just by eliminating invisible and planned Nutrient Friction.


How to amplify your
plant growth by 20-40%

After 40+ years of combined growing experience, the Strive team realized a simple truth:

Once nutrient balance is lost, it’s a struggle to recover. That’s when we realized the solution was simple: start balanced and stay balanced.

We aim to eliminate Nutrient Friction in two places.

  1. At the beginning of the process — starting your veg stage
  2. Switching to flowering nutrients — at the beginning of the bloom stage

That meant creating a nutrient system that contained everything your plants need to thrive — and to design a system that was simple to mix and maintain.

The result: our Bi-Form Balance Blend™ technology.

A radically simple nutrient delivery system, containing everything your specialized/high-value plants need in a single, simple to mix blend.


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