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We are Strive. A collective of growers, scientists and botanists dedicated to
helping your plants reach their maximum potential.
After 50+ years of growing, we discovered your plants don’t need different products for veg and bloom. In fact, the more products you add, the more problems you get.

That’s why our idea is radical:

One complete formula that works — start to finish.

From the first week of veg, to the final week of flower, our unique Bi-Form Balance Blend™ works to deliver exactly what your plants need, exactly when they need it. With no lockouts, burning or deficiencies, your plants will push themselves to surprising new levels of growth.

And when they absorb our special TurboTerp Infusion™, it’ll put terpene production into overdrive, delivering aromas and tastes you didn’t know existed.

The end result?

Resin glands glistening, dripping and oozing with the potency your plants are truly capable of.

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We are Strive.
And we’re
dedicated to
your continuous


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